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本文摘要:Unit1 Where did you go on vacation?【题目要求】假设你的名字叫小明。

Unit1 Where did you go on vacation?【题目要求】假设你的名字叫小明。你很喜欢旅游,你和家人去年夏天去了长城。请以“The visit to the Great Wall” 为题,写一篇不少于80词的英语漫笔。


【优秀范文】The visit to the Great WallMy name is Xiaoming and I like traveling very much. Last summar, I went to the Great Wall with my family.It was fine that day. We went there by bus early in the morning. When we got there, there were many other visitors there. When my family and I went onto the Great Wall, we saw beautiful scenery(风物). We all were amazed(惊讶的) by how beautiful it was. We took quite a few photos there.We had a good time there. The time flew by, and soon we had to go back. I was tired after traveling, but I really enjoyed visiting the Great Wall!Unit2 How often do you exercise?【题目要求】你的生活和饮食习惯康健吗?请以“My Lifestyle”为题写一篇漫笔来先容你的生活饮食习惯。词数:80左右。【优秀范文】My LifestyleLet me tell you a little about my lifestyle. I often eat fruit and vegetables. Apples and oranges are my favorites. I love junk food, too, and I eat it three or four times a week. I sleep less than seven hours ever day. I often feel sleepy. I brush my teeth once a day. I run in the morning, and play ping-pong after school. In my free time, I enjoy surfing the Internet. On weekends, I often go to the movies with my friends.I think I’m kind of unhealthy. I shouldn’t eat too much junk food. I’ll try to have a balanced diet and sleep more. I should brush my teeth twice a day. I hope I can have a better lifestyle.Unit3 I’m more outgoing than my sister?【题目要求】请以“My best friend”为题写一篇先容你的朋侪的漫笔。漫笔要运用课文所学的有关句式,把你的朋侪和你的长相(包罗身高、头发、眼睛等)、体格(包罗强壮强度等)、性格(开朗、文静等)、学习情况等方面举行比力。

词数80左右。【优秀范文】My best friendMy best friend is Li Ming. We are in the same class. He is as old as me, but he is taller and stronger than me. Both of us have black eyes and black hair, but his hair is shorter than mine. As for hobbies, we have something in common in some ways. I like the friends who have the same hobbies with me. Both of us like sports. We often exercises together after school. But he is more outgoing and better at sports than me. Besides, collecting stamps is our same hobby, too. We often exchange our stamps with each other. About the learning, I think I’m a little smarter than him. Most of my subjects are better than his, so I often help him with his study. Unit4 What’s the best movie theater?【题目要求】请以"My drem job"为题,先容你的梦想。【优秀范文】My dream jobWhen I grow up , I’m going to be a journalist(记者). I have been eager(盼望的)to do something benificial(有益的)to the world. And I think it' suitable(适合的)for me to be a journalist.To realise(实现)my dream, I will study harder. What's more, I am going to write articles(文章)for magazines and newspaper in my free time, so I can know more about the job. If I work hard enough, my dream will come ture. Unit5 Do you want to watch a game show?【题目要求】谈谈你常看或最喜欢看的电视节目或影戏,以及你的一些感想。词数:80左右。

【优秀范文】My favorite TV programMy favorite TV program is Animal World. It’s very interesting and exciting. There I learn a lot kinds of animals. Some people think some animals are dangerous. They may hurt us humans. We can kill them. I can’t stand the idea. Each animal has its reason to live on the earth. They are important for the world. They keep a balance. If somebody breaks it, we humans may not be able to live on the earth.Unit6 I’m going to study computer science.【题目要求】寒假即未来临,请凭据以下提示写一篇漫笔,谈谈你的寒假计划。(1) 好好休息和放松;(2) 念书,因为念书既能开阔我的视野,还能学到许多知识;(3) 陪怙恃谈天,帮他们做家务;(4) 到场社会运动,认识更多的人。要求:(1)词数:80左右;(2)可围绕主题作适当发挥。

参考词汇:knowledge 知识 social activities 社会运动【优秀范文】My winter vacationThe winter vacation is coming. I’m going to do what I want to do.First, I’m going to have a good rest and relax. I will read some good books. Reading books is useful because it can help me get more knowledge. It can open up my eyes to the world. Next, I’m going to spend more time talking with my parents. I will also try my best to help them do some housework. Then, I’m going to take part in social activities (社会运动)so that I can know more people.What do you think of my vacation? I hope you will have a happy winter vacation.Unit7 Will people have robots?【题目要求】以“The life in the future”为题写一篇文章,按下列提示完成。1. 想象一下未来生活会是什么样子;2. 详细先容一下未来的生活:许多事情都由电脑和机械人完成。

例如:摒挡家务、购物、看病,孩子们通过网络把课堂搬抵家里,人们可以活到200岁等;3. 为了未来的生活,我们现在应该努力学习,实现理想。80词左右。【优秀范文】The life in the futureWhat do you think the life in the future will be like?Every family will have computers and robots. Computers will help us know a lot all over the world. Robots will help us do most of the housework. They can help us do some cleaning, cooking or washing. We can do some shopping and see a doctor without going out. Students can study at home on computers. People will live to be 200 years old because of the better medical care.Our life will be better and better. For this, we should study hard. I believe we’ll be able to do this.Unit8 How do you make a banana milk shake?【题目要求】凭据所给质料和提示语,写一篇漫笔形貌怎么制作牛肉三明治。

Ingredients(质料):2 pieces of bread; 1 spoon of cheese; 1 green pepper; 1 onion; some mushrooms(蘑菇);2 pieces of beef;2 spoons of relish(开胃小菜/调味品)要求:80词左右【优秀范文】Do you know to make the beef sandwich? Now, let me tell you.First, put a spoon of cheese on a piece of bread. Then cut up a green pepper and an onion. Add these to the bread. Next, put some mushrooms and 2 pieces of beef on the bread. Put two spoons of relish on the beef. Finally, the other piece of bread on the top.Now you can enjoy it. It’s very delicious.Unit9 Can you come to my party?【题目要求】你是Mike,你去Marry 家,想问问她去不去到场你的生日聚会,可是她不在家,你给她留了便条。任务:请你用英语给Marry写一个50词左右的便条。内容包罗:1. 明天是我的生日,你会到场我的生日聚会吗?聚会晚上6:30开始;2. 我的家人、朋侪及同学都市来,你可以见到他们;3. 如果你来,就打电话给我,我希望你能来。

【优秀范文】Dear Marry,I’m Mike. Tomorrow is my birthday. I want to invite you to take part in my birthday. Can you come tomorrow? The party will begin at half past six in the evening. My parents, friends and classmates will come, you can see them in the party. If you come to my birthday party, please make a phone call to me. I will be happy that you can come.Yours,MikeUnit10 If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time.【题目要求】请以“If I have a lot of money”为题,写一篇80词左右的漫笔。【优秀范文】If I have a lot of moneyIf I have a lot of money, I will have the chance to do what I want to do. First I’ll travel around the world, because I love traveling, and then I’ll give some money to schools and charities. I’ll try my best to help the people who are in trouble. Next, I will buy a big house with a garden and a swimming pool for my parents, so they will live a happy life. I’m sure we will enjoy a better life.。